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Asset Management

Launching investment products to meet the evolving demand of institutional customers. As part of this initiative, FTX Access has partnered with CoinShares to create SOL and FTT exchange-traded products (ETPs) and expects other assets to follow. FTX Access is also available to create custom baskets, either listed or via a total return swap.


Analytical Tools

Creating a curated forum for sharing the best digital asset and macro research. This curation combines the best of our own in-house research and a selection of ideas from the broader digital asset community, including but not limited to trading color, traditional market strategy, interviews and technical analysis. FTX Access has partnered with Delphi Digital to help build its industry-leading offering.


Institutional Advisory

Bridges traditional finance and digital assets and has partnered with notable participants in both industries. FTX Access is creating execution options and support tailored to traditional financial institutions, facilitating institutional access to global liquidity.


Capital Introductions

FTX Access will connect some of the top digital asset projects with its impressive and unique rolodex of investors.

World-class Leadership

A world-class team dedicated to providing institutional investors with frictionless access to digital assets. Providing an engaging experience rooted in both traditional finance and digital assets.